William Fisk

born January 1969
lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


1989-94     Ontario College of Art
1988-89     York University
1985-88     Alternative Independent Study Program
1983-85     Claude Watson School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2018     New work from the Portrait Series, Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York
2013     New work from the Portrait Series, Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto
2007     New work from the Portrait Series, Forum Gallery, New York
2003     Portraits, Forum Gallery, Los Angeles
2001     Portraits, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
1999     Portraits, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
1998     Unfinished Sympathy, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
1996     Songs for Drella, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
1995     Animal Language, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018     Objects of Desire, Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York
2018     New Precisionism, Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York
2013     Scale, Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto
2011      Vantage Point, Forum Gallery, New York
2010     Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Forum Gallery, New York
2008     Direct Encounters: The Essence of Portraiture, Forum Gallery, Los Angeles
2007     Eye For Detail, Forum Gallery, Los Angeles
2004     Gallery artists, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
2003     Precision, Forum Gallery, Los Angeles
2002     Gallery Artists, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
2001      North by Northeast, Galerie Helm/Reiswig, Stuttgart, Germany
              No.1, Milk Bedroom Gallery, Toronto
2000    Signifiers, Zinc Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1999     Under Forty, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
             Presentation, MEG Gallery, Toronto
             Drawing, Rare, New York
1997     Gerald Baer, William Fisk, Richard Stipl, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
             Sternberk International Painting Symposium, Sternberk, Czech Republic
             Retour, Turbulence Gallery, Montreal
1996     Inaugural Exhibition at 21 Morrow, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
             Detour, Turbulence Gallery, Montreal
             Live Connections, OCA Gallery, Toronto
1995     Chinese New Year Show, Christopher Cutts, Toronto

Selected Collections

Comcast, Philadelphia, PA
Concord Confections, Toronto, Canada
Design Corp. Toronto, Canada
Melvin J. Estrin, Washington, D.C
Forum Financial, Toronto, Canada
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Toronto, Canada
Govan Brown and Associates, Toronto, Canada
Gluckstein Design, Toronto, Canada
Kees Ten Broek, The Netherlands
Radio Shack Corporation, Fort Worth, TX
R.I.M. ( Research In Motion) Corporation, Waterloo, Canada
Ruby and Edwards, Barristers, Toronto, Canada
Seven Bridges Foundation, Greenwich, CT
The Hazelton Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Tullman Collection, Chicago, IL

Private Collections, Canada, United States, Europe